FMCG in Russia & Russian Agribusiness

22 November 2016

Metropol Hotel Moscow

3 reasons to attend “FMCG Russia” and “Agribusiness in Russia” conferences


Unique chance to discuss changes in retail, FMCG sector and agri business in light of import substitution policy and volatile economic conditions and define strategy for the future


50+ speakers – top managers from agri holdings, retail companies and FMCG producers. Nestle, P&G, Coca-Cola, Avon, Cherkizovo, PRODO and many others were among the speakers in 2015


Excellent opportunities for networking and exchanging expert opinions with 200+ leading players in FMCG and Agri sectors


  • GOVERNMENT SUPPORT for FMCG and agricultural sectors in Russia. Import substitution
  • EXPORT POTENTIAL for Russian products overseas
  • LEADERS’ STRATEGIES: How to sustain competitive advantage in the long term?
  • VIP LUNCH ROUND TABLES on digital communications, consumer insights, sales, private labels, operational efficiency, logistics & supply chain, investment attractiveness
  • FMCG producers & retailers in discussion: How to increase sales?
  • FMCG: Consumer of the future & changes in consumer behaviour
  • AGRIBUSINESS: How to improve efficiency in agri enterprises?
  • AGRIBUSINESS: Attractiveness of investing in agri sector and sources of financing
  • MASTER CLASSES on selling FMCG goods online & developing and implementing export strategy
  • ONE-TO-ONE MEETINGS with top managers from Retail, FMCG manufacturers & Agri enterprises


Speakers in 2016 include

Sotirios Marinidis, Vice President Eastern Europe and Central Asian Republics, Procter & Gamble
Sotirios Marinidis

Vice President Eastern Europe and Central Asian Republics

Procter & Gamble

Georgy Makarov, General Manager, Mars Chocolate
Georgy Makarov

General Manager

Mars Chocolate

Petr Iliukhin, CEO, PRODO Group
Petr Iliukhin



Tristram Wilkinson, Vice President & Managing Director Central & Eastern Europe, Kimberly-Clark
Tristram Wilkinson

Vice President & Managing Director Central & Eastern Europe


Dmitry Zyshchuk, CEO, Savushkin product-Moscow
Dmitry Zyshchuk


Savushkin product-Moscow

Dmitry Sudarikov, Sales Director, PRODO Group
Dmitry Sudarikov

Sales Director


Anton Stroutchenevski, Senior Economist, Sberbank CIB
Anton Stroutchenevski

Senior Economist

Sberbank CIB

Alla Sokolova, General Manager, Mary Kay Russia
Alla Sokolova

General Manager

Mary Kay Russia

Sergey Chumak, Director of Strategy and Organisational Development, Cherkizovo Group
Sergey Chumak

Director of Strategy and Organisational Development

Cherkizovo Group

Eldar Usmanov, Head of Logistics Department, PRODO
Eldar Usmanov

Head of Logistics Department


Genrikh Arutyunov, Head of Procurement and Logistics, PRODO Group
Genrikh Arutyunov

Head of Procurement and Logistics


Dmitry Zlatkin, Supply Chain Director, Solnechnye Produkty
Dmitry Zlatkin

Supply Chain Director

Solnechnye Produkty

Oleg Martyanov, Commercial Director, Nielsen Russia
Oleg Martyanov

Commercial Director

Nielsen Russia

Marina Volkova, Head of Category Management, Henkel
Marina Volkova

Head of Category Management


Alexander Zakaznov, E-Commerce Manager, Royal Canin Russia
Alexander Zakaznov

E-Commerce Manager

Royal Canin Russia

Boris Vorobyev, Marketing Director, FrieslandCampina Russia and CIS
Boris Vorobyev

Marketing Director

FrieslandCampina Russia and CIS

Anton Sidorenko, Managing Director, Desan Group of Companies
Anton Sidorenko

Managing Director

Desan Group of Companies

John Haskell, General Director, Bondarskaya Ag Co
John Haskell

General Director

Bondarskaya Ag Co

William England, CEO, RAV Agro & RAV Molokoprodukt
William England


RAV Agro & RAV Molokoprodukt

Elena Kusnetsova, Category Project Manager, Mars Chocolate Russia
Elena Kusnetsova

Category Project Manager

Mars Chocolate Russia

Elena Savchenko, Head of Private Labels Department, DIXY
Elena Savchenko

Head of Private Labels Department


Vadim Vaneev, Owner and General Director, Eurodon
Vadim Vaneev

Owner and General Director


Gulnara Talipova, Head of Marketing, Meat Division, Rusagro
Gulnara Talipova

Head of Marketing, Meat Division


Mateo Lecocq, Executive Director- Head of Marketing Eastern Europe, Avon
Mateo Lecocq

Executive Director- Head of Marketing Eastern Europe


Aleksandr Shvidchenko, Sales Director, Nutricia Russia
Aleksandr Shvidchenko

Sales Director

Nutricia Russia

Svetlana Obraztsova, Head of Marketing Department, Moscow Factory of Processed Cheese “KARAT”
Svetlana Obraztsova

Head of Marketing Department

Moscow Factory of Processed Cheese “KARAT”

Anton Borisyuk, Insights Senior Director, PepsiCo EER
Anton Borisyuk

Insights Senior Director

PepsiCo EER

Artem Belov, Executive Director, National Dairy Producers Union
Artem Belov

Executive Director

National Dairy Producers Union

Nick Halliwell, Member of the Board of Directors, DAMATE Group of Companies
Nick Halliwell

Member of the Board of Directors

DAMATE Group of Companies

Andrey Sizov, Managing Director & Co-Owner, SovEcon
Andrey Sizov

Managing Director & Co-Owner


Daria Snitko, Head, Centre for Economic Forecast, Gazprombank
Daria Snitko

Head, Centre for Economic Forecast


Oleg Zakov, Executive Director, Trade House Petelino, Cherkizovo Group
Oleg Zakov

Executive Director, Trade House Petelino

Cherkizovo Group

Dmitry Fedosov, Member of the Board, Managing Director, ATON Capital Partners
Dmitry Fedosov

Member of the Board, Managing Director

ATON Capital Partners

Eugenia Serova, Director, Representative Office in Russia, Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
Eugenia Serova

Director, Representative Office in Russia

Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

Dmitri Rylko, General Director, The Institute for Agricultural Market Studies
Dmitri Rylko

General Director

The Institute for Agricultural Market Studies

Vladimir Shaforostov, Partner, Agroindustry, NEO Centre
Vladimir Shaforostov

Partner, Agroindustry

NEO Centre

Kirill Tereschenko, General Director, Agro Holding “All year round”
Kirill Tereschenko

General Director

Agro Holding “All year round”